"Warrior Wives" Wristband

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Pink/Glow in the dark

Warrior Wife -

‘Warrior Spirit’ - Can be summed up in two words; humility and courage. The ability to have real perseverance that breeds courage under the hardest of circumstances. It can be embodied by any of us who are up for the challenge.

Wives of men and women in prison are under valued, under appreciated and underestimated. The stigma of being a prison wife is usually a negative one; all for wanting and needing to be with the person you love, who just happens to be trapped within the confines of a prison cell.
People do not see what it takes to stay by the side of someone serving a prison sentence. As a prison wife, you hold a deeper meaning and belief in things such as loyalty, respect and communication; because these are the things that make your marriage work in a situation that will be one of the toughest you will ever face in your life together.
Holding down a job, a family, day to day life and of course, whatever your husband needs each week on the single income you have.
This band represents the strength of ‘prison wives’, the fight inside of you against the judgements of society, the marriage that you have and the life you share as one; never allowing your husband to be left behind.