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Image of  Wristbands

Our Wrist-Bands are worn for multiple reasons. Our customers wear them to support our cause & others wear them for a loved one in prison until they return home. Our bands are a pledge of loyalty.

All proceeds go straight towards donating copies of “Through the Test of Time” to state and federal prisons across the United States.

Thank you everyone for supporting my vision & helping me towards my goals.

Our Wrist-Bands come in two sizes: Medium/Large.
They are black & white and are rubber material.
Please see attachments above.

Please remember to hand-wash/sanitize your bands every other week to assure they remain clean. Wash with lukewarm water & a mild soap. Allow bands to completely dry before wearing them again in between washes.

Please understand that “NoInmateLeftBehind” is not responsible for any skin reactions. If you have a rubber/latex allergy, please be cautious.